An Earnest Plea to Latter-day-Saints

An Earnest Plea to Latter-day-Saints

This video/streaming presentation is much more than a Presbyterian response to the accusation of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church that the Presbyterian Church was not true.

This presentation is a thorough-going penetration and analysis of Mormon theology with a careful meticulous response to Mormon truth claims.

The presentation is divided into two logical parts:

Part One: An examination of the History of the Mormon Church. In this section, polygamy is covered along with blacks and the priesthood, prophecies, the Mormon war in Missouri and Mountain Meadow Massacre.

Part Two: An examination of the LDS and the Bible. In this section, the doctrine of the Godhead and the doctrine of salvation are covered, along with the last judgement and the false restored gospel of Mormonism.

This the finest video/streaming presentation on Mormonism I have ever seen. It most certainly deserves wide distribution and viewing. The biblical references used in this presentation to counter Mormon claims, clearly expose and refute the false gospel of Mormonism. This presentation would be perfectly suited for an adult Sunday School class or preparation material for those with a burden to share the good news with the LDS people.

This presentation was produced by Christ Presbyterian Church, A Congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City, Utah. If the reader is ever in Salt Lake City on the Lord’s Day, they would be blessed to attend Christ Presbyterian Church for worship.

Christ Presbyterian Church website:

Christ Presbyterian Church sponsored debates:

The Ancient Paths website; a gold mine of information:

A review by Jack Kettler, Author of The Religion That Started in A Hat: A Reference Manual for Christians Who Witness to Mormons.

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