Jeff Beck; The Legend, Still Standing Strong: Loud Hailer (2016)

Jeff Beck; The Legend, Still Standing Strong: Loud Hailer (2016) a review by Jack Kettler

Geoffrey Arnold “Jeff” Beck (born 24 June 1944) now 72 is an English rock guitarist. In Beck’s early career he formed The Jeff Beck Group and Beck, Bogert & Appice. In March of 1965, Beck joined The Yardbirds to succeed Eric Clapton as the lead guitar player.

The musical genres Beck has mastered are: Pop/Rock; Blues; Jazz; Fusion. He is a true guitar virtuoso. Not only is Beck a virtuoso on the guitar, he is superior auto hot rod mechanic and builder. See his crazy about cars (2 parts). Today, many of Jeff’s musical contemporaries can barely stand up, yet Beck is standing strong and is good as ever.

If you are a Beck fan, you will not be disappointed in Jeff’s latest studio recording, Loud Hailer. Jeff has an ability to re-cast himself, break new musical ground and surround himself with fresh faces and extraordinary talent. This is most certainly the case with Beck collaborating with co-guitarist Carmen Vandenberg and on vocals, Rosie Bones. Loud Hailer was produced by Beck, along with Filippo Cimatti. Also appearing on the CD are drummer Davide Sollazzi and bass player Giovanni Pallotti.

Loud Hailer as the title indicates is music to be played loud! Jeff’s masterful guitar wizardry is interspersed throughout the recording and featured front stage and center. Beck is touring the U.S this summer with blues legend Buddy Guy. I have tickets to see him in Denver the first part of August. I hope Rosie and Carmen are with him and they perform some of the material on this recording. I am proud to have Loud Hailer in my music collection.

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