What does the Bible say? Volume 1

What does the Bible say? Volume 1


In this multi volume series, “What does the Bible say,” the focus will be on difficult and perplexing portions of Scripture such as, Jephthah’s vow, did he sacrifice his Daughter? In addition, essential doctrines of the Bible will be covered to provide the believer Scriptural reasons for believing teachings such as, Heaven, Hell, Sin and what is the gospel, along many other important topics.

A teaser, coming in Volume 2:

  1. Who are the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4?
  2. The spirits in prison mentioned in 1 Peter 3:19, who are they?

In this book at a glance:

Chapter One: What is Heaven?

Chapter Two: Will animals be in heaven?

Chapter Three: Not to Seethe a Kid in his mother’s milk, a study in Compassion

Chapter Four: Hell, what the Bible says

Chapter Five: Is Hell Eternal? A Bible Study

Chapter Six: Sin, what is it? A Bible Study

Chapter Seven: Jephthah’s vow, did he sacrifice his Daughter?

Chapter Eight: Propitiation, what is a Propitiatory Sacrifice?

Chapter Nine: Praying the Lord’s Prayer, is it a vain repetition?

Chapter Ten: Railings on one’s Roof Top, Why?

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The above books can be ordered at Jack Kettler.com

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