I was searching on amazon last night and realized that former Mormon—now presuppositional apologist Jack Kettler (one of my all-time favorite Christian apologists) has finally written a book on Mormonism! I remember reading his many articles on how to witness to Mormons and present a thoroughly biblical refutation of Mormonism years ago. I remember being blown away by his level of knowledge and discernment regarding LDS teachings, and his insight on how to refute it lovingly. They were by far the best refutations of LDS theology and philosophy I’ve ever seen. This is especially important for me since I have LDS family and friends that desperately need to see the errors of Joseph Smith and the LDS leadership through the ages, and who desperately need the true Jesus.

I’m very excited about this book.

Thank you, brother Jack, for your contribution to this much needed area of apologetics and evangelism. I’ll be counting the days till it arrives in the mail and am anxious to devour it.

God bless you, brother—and to Him be all the glory! Colin Lawson

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